soccer streaming 2018

Top online “link-choices” soccer streaming 2018

If you search on Google, you will find many, but the truth is that the vast majority stinks because they are free and, therefore, most of the time they are illegal. But, you can join some trusted site bellow.

soccer streaming 2018

If you do not have television and cable in your house, you can try the online transmission service that works perfectly for me and for other football lovers. I will put on the website that I am using personally from the last weeks and working perfectly for me


Bosscast is the best website in my opinion. You have to pay 200 dollars each month but the quality is very good. I have currently subscribed to watch EPL matches. The transmission of this site is very simple and clean. You can visit any of them for free.

This is one of the best places to watch live matches online. They also have their live chat widget where you can chat with people who have similar interests to you.


Stream2Watch is one of the largest streaming sites you can use to broadcast live all sporting events. The good thing about this website is that it has multiple mirrors available for each of the sports, so, in case any mirror does not work, you can easily verify that flow that is fun through another mirror.
You can check the name of Sports on the list and enjoy your favorite live sports for free.

K + pm youtube

You can find many popular sports on this site such as Soccor, baseball, basketball, etc. on k + pm. This site always provides working mirrors of live sports matches in real time, which has a great feature for slow internet users who provide live scores.

It is one of the best sports sites in Russia, but you can use it for free to enjoy your favorite sports. On this site you can enjoy many sports such as football, hockey and tennis. On the home page, you can also check the schedules of your favorite sports.

beIN Sports

On this website, you can easily watch live broadcasts + online videos. In addition, the videos are organized according to different events, which is one of the most positive aspects of this site.
Their prices are more than affordable, they are incredibly cheap, so there is no reason not to obtain them, especially the annual plan….

Bongdalu Poker Tour Guide to Win Easily

Poker is a popular game around the world today and it is always a top choice for players at real casinos or online casinos. So, how to play poker to win easily is always a lot of people are interested. Let’s find out Bongdalu!

choi poker

1. Introduction to Poker

Poker is a card game originated in China. This game creates the attraction that all of the cards will not be rolled over and the player will have to pay more money to open gradually. Playing poker relies heavily on tactics, wisdom, and luck, which are just a small part of winning.

There are three types of poker games: Draw Poker; Stud Poker; Community Card Poker.

2. Poker Guide

Poker uses a standard set of 52 cards. Each player is dealt two separate cards to combine 5 cards to choose 5 cards. The one with the five cards combined into the largest will be the winner.

Poker Guide:

– Each table will have 2 – 4 players. Initially, each player is dealt two cards face down.

– Start playing:

Round 1: The first one is Smallblind, the next one is the one who has not beted and the last one is called Bigblind.

Round 2: In this round, there will be 3 more cards on the table. Players can combine their two cards with the common cards to have the strongest cards.

+ Next round: Each round ends, there will be one more card.

When all 5 cards are on the table, it is the last round.

– Players will combine 5 cards with their 2 cards to get the best card.

– Reverse the game clockwise, each player has 40 seconds to hit, they have options such as: bets, extra bets, bets, see cards, pockets.

– After all the cards have been agreed and agreed on the amount of money. Who has a larger set of 5 leaves will eat all the money on the table.

So bongdalu has taught you how to play poker to win. Wish you make a lot of money playing online poker. If you want to discover the most prestigious Casino in Vietnam, Click here ~~>